Thursday, June 20, 2013

Citrus Twist Kit

I got my June  Citrus Twist Kit today WAHOO and I must say I'm in love!  The main kit is filled with so much goodiness and got the embellishment & more paper too.  Another added plus with this kit was a colored sheet filled with layouts from their DT.  I know you can see this on their blog but it's nice to have in front of you when you are scrapbooking.  I can't wait to scrapbook with this kit. 

Today I finished a Father's Day layout I did for hubby and Maddie.  I incorporated an art project she did in art class.  I loved the art project because it was basically a take on walking on the sidewalk, it has her footprints in different colors and the colors match with the shirt she was wearing in the photos.

Here is the full layout:

These are some of my favorite photos I have recently taken. 

I'm taking Big Picture Class: "Finding your Photo Style" class right now, and enjoying the different styles I'm learning from the six teachers/photographers.  I basically signed up for the class because Maggie Holmes.  I also signed for their "The Phone Photography Project".  I really went back and forth on this class but with the special they were giving and the additional coupon I found online, I decided to take the class.  I don't take much photos with my camera except for occasionally instagram/ FB photo.  Another reason is I have a Galaxy and was afraid the class was going to focus mainly on the iphone.  But after getting feedback I decided to take the class and hopefully I'll learn to use my camera phone more.

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